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Welcome back to Fantastic Fridays!

On Friday’s I round out the week sharing fantastic things I’ve come across on the web.

great Fabric: I’ve got 3 collections I would love to order: 1. rashida colemanJessica Swift, and Sparky & Marie, but what I really want is this pack from Aneela Hoey. It would make the most awesome quilt!

to whet your Appetite: a few things I have on the docket to try next week: pita bread from the bread machine, crumpets and these muffins.

be Natural: our favorite place lately…Tremont. If you live anywhere around the Smokies, this is a fabulous place to get involved. I’m forever amazed and impressed at the work they do and the work they do in educating youngsters about the great outdoors.

a Tutorial to do: I made a little rag doll for a friend this week and this is the tutorial I used for the yarn hair. It was super easy. More on the doll next week.

on Aimee’s to do list (that’s me by the way): Organizing my fabric and craft area…ugg! I would LOVE to make these baskets!

something to Sew: on the table right now is this embroidery for a client…always fun, but always daunting

oh, to Travel: we are celebrating our 15th this year and hoping to spend it here

Inspirational: the book my mom keeps getting me to read

Cute: a fishy hairbow tutorial. If only my daughter would actually wear them, I would try to make them. Alas…

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  1. I JUST returned Sarah’s Key to the library as I didn’t even get to page 15! I am giving myself the 1 book a month goal for 2012….I love to read but don’t have the time.

    Maybe we could plan a month to do a book date to talk about it once we have both read it?!

    Washington D.C. that’s a cool idea for an anniversary trip. We are at 10 this June. We want to take the boys there as they are in love with U.S. history.

    Happy TGIF!

    .mac 🙂

  2. I haven’t started Sarah’s Key yet, but my mother loved it. We’ll see.
    I would love to do a book a month! So surprised you don’t have the time 😉
    D.C…yes. Just the two of us and hopefully with W is around 10 we’ll go back as a family.
    Happy TGIF to you too!

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