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If I could live anywhere in the world it would be England. Although if I actually lived there I might change my mind. I’ve never been there and having never been there I have all these romantic sort of notions of what it would be like. Romance doesn’t necessarily mean reality! But if there is anything I love about England it’s their phrasing. Oh Downton Abbey, how I wish we talked like those people. Wouldn’t it be so much more pleasant to walk through life declaring “that’s about the size of it” or telling my children “badly done Emma!” (well that would only work if one of them was named Emma and I had a British accent.) But my favorite is the word “fantastic.” My husband and I watched an episode of House Hunters International in Britain and all the woman kept saying was “this is fantastic!” and it stuck in my head. Well, actually after 20 minutes of her declaring everything was “fantastic” we were greatly annoyed, but all that aside… I’m hoping to start a trend of writing here on Friday about fantastic finds around the web. (Only when you read the word “fantastic” you have to say it in a British accent.)

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Welcome to Fantastic Fridays! Come back and visit every Friday (well honestly, I want you to visit everyday!) and see what fantastic things I’ve come across on the web (are you as annoyed with the word fantastic yet?)

great Fabric: I am so going to make a blazer out of this velveteen from Anna Maria Horner

to whet your Appetite: a cinnamon roll cake…who can go wrong here?

be Natural: on my list of natural things to try…although I think I’ll let my bff try it first 🙂

a Tutorial to do: super fun checkers set

on Aimee’s to do list (that’s me by the way): a special doll for a special little girl from this book

something to Sew: a funny bookmark for my dad’s birthday

oh, to Travel: oh…in honor of my love of the British Isles

Inspirational: a book on my list to read, recommended by a dear friend

Cute: not sure if something you might hang in your 8 year old son’s room could be labeled as “cute” but this is


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