lessons from a clementine

I love clementines. I could eat them all day long, which is probably good because I’m the only person in my house that eats them. I hesitate to buy big bags of them, crates of them etc because they don’t last forever. Clementines are tricky though. As far as I can tell, you really can’t tell what the inside is going to be like. Is it going to be sweet? sour? tasteless? mealy? You just can’t tell.

I’ve tried to figure out if it has something to do with the peel. If the peel is too thin or too stiff, it won’t be good. But more often than not, I’m surprised. Today I opened one with super stiff skin. The whole time I was thinking that this one wasn’t going to be that great. Then, I had to take the risk and taste it. It was amazing.

It got me thinking that this is every day for us. We wake up from our slumber and have a whole day to unpeel. It might be a day that is easy and turns out perfectly. It might be a day that is hard to peel, yet surprises us with how it rolls out. Do I enter each day, peeling off each minute and hour with expectation of goodness? Or do I enter each day with the resignation that it’s going to be a tough skin kind of day?And do I take the risk and take a bite out of my day or just nibble it with fear that it might be sour?

The truth is, all I can do is be expectant. Eagerly expectant for the amazing things that God can do that day. Expectant for the sweetness that might be under any type of day. I have to take the risk and enter into the day. I have to continue to peel each minute away, eagerly awaiting what He can and will do. Some days it might be sour. Some days might be tasteless. But, I pray that I enter into every day with the expectation of His amazing sweetness.

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