It’s been a few months since I participated in a feeling stitchy stitch-along (say that five times fast!) and I am hoping to push myself to do each of them this year. I’ve learned more new stitches from participating in these than anything else I’ve done.

This month is about couching. Floresita challenged stitchers to make some sort of banner using couching. I thought about doing a letter by letter banner on felt, but it just wasn’t coming together in my head. I have this wall in the hall (tee hee) that has this big family photo of us and it’s just begging for one of those family name sort of plaques. So this is what I came up with:

Jan '12 stitch along: getting ready

I have this fabulous yarn that I bought thinking I was going to actually knit something (big laugh here) and rather than letting it sit in my box of yarn (why I have this box I’m not sure) I thought I would use it for the letters.

Jan '12 stitch along: progress

My hope is to actually find some cool frame, paint it black if needed, and hang this above our family picture.

Happy Stitching!

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