dinner thanks to pinterest

On the menu tonight:

baked sweet and sour chicken (with coconut milk rice)

baked sweet & sour chicken

This was heavenly. Reminiscent of what you buy at your local Chinese restuarant…made to order in your own home. My sweet husband made most of it, so it’s simple and easy to put together. But this is a pretty time-intensive meal and not one that you save for a busy weeknight. You have to bread all the chicken, brown in a skillet and then bake for nearly 30-40 minutes, but it is totally worth it! The sauce is awesome too. The only thing we changed was reducing the sugar about 1/4 a cup and using Bragg’s Aminos instead of traditional soy sauce.

For dessert we had these oatmeal cream pies that I had pinned a long time ago.

They are good. But, they are time and labor intensive, take gobs of sugar (and I actually reduced the sugar!) and two sticks of butter. Anything that takes that much sugar, butter and time has to be amazingly good and these didn’t really fit the bill. They are super, duper sweet and soft though if you are looking for something to satisfy your sweet tooth! I’m sure they won’t last long around this house!

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