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On Fridays I join with others to write with abandon and without editing about one word. We write for five  minutes whatever comes into our heads from our hearts. Join with me!

Today’s word is: ROAR





When I think of the word roar, I think of a lion that is angry or feels threatened. I think of this morning and how I was trying so hard to swallow my roar as I was trying so hard to get my five year old out the door for school. How thankful I am that I swallowed it, but honestly I might not have roared with my mouth, but I did roar with my actions.

How I long to be able to take this roar and use it for good. To use it as a protection of my children from the world around them. Instead of using it to get my way or to get my list crossed off. I want to go after a task with a joyful roar. I want to go after my children with love and tenderness. Even a lionness is gentle. She picks up her children and moves them about in her mouth. Have you seen a lion’s mouth? Full of harsh and sharp teeth, yet she uses that to pick up the things most precious to her. To protect them and love them. The Lord can use even me, with my harsh and sharp edges to pick up these precious things and love them.



my 2012 resolutions…in a word.

As I think about 2012 and the things I long to accomplish this year, all I could think about was one word: slow. Slow is my word for the year. I’m not making a list a things to cross off. I am only focusing on one word. I want to respond slowly. I want to process more and act less. I want to think about the things I’m choosing, doing and saying before I choose, do and speak. I want to be nothing but intentional and prayerful in the way I act. Slow is hard. I want to go, go, go and get it done…irregardless of the effect on those around me. I want to be done and finish and often at the expense of time with my family. This year, I want to move slow. Like a sunrise that just tips the surface of the earth with color; teasing you with it’s brilliance. It rises slowly, but with each minute becomes more and more beautiful. I’m peeling off my layers this year. Layers of fear, layers of frustration, layers of control. Just like Eustace in Narnia; I’m praying that as the great lion peels off the dragon scales on me, what will be revealed underneath will be nothing less than an amazing sunrise.

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  1. What a beautifully different, yet true, picture of a lioness. All that power and sharp-toothed-ness, yet so gentle with her own young. I identify with “swallowing that roar” with it yet roaring around inside, and also think of the “mothering” times I let it go and regretted. So common a struggle in motherhood. But you told the key: in letting the Lord take over instead of the to-do list. Thank you.

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