five minute friday: open

It’s been a while since I’ve written here. Trying to make space to spend time away from the computer these holidays. Today I join back into the cyber-world with others, writing freely on a word given by the gypsy mama.

We write for five minutes without editing. Join us!
Today’s word is: OPEN


Open. I sit hunched over this table typing, feeling my shoulders crouching in. Then the relief when I sit up and open wide my arms to stretch.
Open. Being able to move within my day, ok with the idea of checking things off my list, but also open to the people and situations around me that might interrupt the list.
Open. Saying goodbye to the path that is behind me. The one that seems secure. The one I know and moving with an open mind and spirit into the new path that has been set before me.
Open. Being open to loving those around me. Opening my arms to love my children and my husband over and over again throughout the day. Opening my heart to others that I may not want to. Opening my mind to differing opinions.
Open is freedom. It is letting go of my plans and the things that I think will bring me satisfaction and security and raising my open arms up to heaven and declaring that my life truly is in His hands.
Open is relinquishing this new year to Him. To the one that is directing our lives in a way that is different. A way that might not make sense. But what part of His story makes sense?


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  1. “Open is relinquishing this new year to Him.” I love this. And I hope to be able to do the same thing in 2012. Thanks for posting and for linking up with 5MF. Smiles –

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