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I am surrounded by friends who are or have adopted children. I tread lightly on blogs of families where their story is adoption. I love, love these stories and love these families that Lord has surrounded me with that I can be a part of. I pray for these families daily…but this isn’t my story.

I’ve spent the last six months researching (if that is even the right word), praying, talking with others and even checking all the waiting children online trying to make it happen in my life. But the Lord has shown me, and allowed me to admit, that this is not the story He is writing in my life right now. There may come a day for sure, but it’s not now. That is a hard thing to write. When you are surrounded by this huge blog community that is all about the orphan crisis, when you are surrounded by families in your church and close friends who are “answering the call”, it’s hard to be the one who says… “it’s not for us.”

It’s made me think about all the other things that I try to force, all the other ways I try to make something be part of our story that the Lord has written on His hands. I’m a control freak and I like to know the plot, what the rising action is going to be and by golly you know I want to know the resolution! But the Lord doesn’t work that way. There is a time for everything under the sun.

Where does one go with that though? It’s a matter of faith and trust. Knowing that we are all part of the body and that the Lord calls all of us to different parts. Some of us might be called into an action that is different than another, but that doesn’t mean our story is less important. Every part of the body is needed in order for it to function well. The Lord has written all our stories and they are all intertwined and necessary for the grand story to be revealed. We make up the plot for the great Rescuer who comes as a babe.

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  1. I love your post. It strikes so very close to home. I have always wanted to adopt. And this fall, it almost happened. Almost. The birth mother changed her mind at the last moment. So now I am at this place, a place of peace, accepting that adoption may not be a part of our story either.

    You are so right. There are many members to the Body of Christ. We are each called to be a unique part of His Story. And that might look differently for each of us.

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