five minute friday: connected

On Fridays I join with others, writing freely for five minutes on a given word. Hosted by the Gypsy Mama. It is a time for those of us who choose to write without editing, without fear of what we are saying, with freedom. We write the words that come fresh to our mind. Join us!

**I started to write this post on Friday morning, but just before I sat down to type it the timer went off on the cupcakes I was baking and like an idiot reached into the oven forgetting the oven mitt and burned my fingers. I’m a good typist, but not lacking three fingers! I knew that I had to finish this post so here it is…even if it is 2 days late!**

Today’s word is: connected


I have this idea in my head about being connected. There are days when all I long for is to have this huge group of girlfriend’s to turn too. A huge group of couples and families that my husband and our families can be together with. And then there are days when all I want to do is stay home and not talk to anyone. What is it about wanting to be connected?

But, there are days that I know that this longing to be connected is because I’m not connected where I should be. If my life were truly connected, if I went to whom I should on those days when I’m longing for others, then this sadness that comes wouldn’t come. And then I would be able to look at those the Lord has brought into our life and be grateful. Our life is full and rich. And it’s when I am truly connected to the Vine, that I can be eternally grateful for what and who I have been given.


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