birthday clothes

My little chick is turning five this weekend and to celebrate we are taking her to the American Girl store for a morning of fun. Everyone needs special birthday clothes and this year I turned to Sarah Jane to provide the cutest fabric for my chick.

happy birthday clothes for bitty and me

This is one of my play skirts that is embellished with some hand embroidery to add a little fun. I made a simple matching shirt with some of the parade appliqued on.

birthday clothes for bitty

A trip to the American Girl store isn’t complete without a matching outfit for your little Bitty Baby. I purposely made this dress a size up so that hopefully the “big girl doll” she picks out can get to wear it too.

Happy Birthday to my sweet chick-a-dee!

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  1. I love this! So simple and tailored….it might looks cute with a pale pink pair of knee socks and some mary janes…..I’m not a mama of a girl though. BUT, I do love me some knee socks!

    .mac 🙂

    p.s. My sister-in-law is having another girl! Mollye is gonna be a big sister! They are naming the little one Mallory. Knew you would love. I can’t wait to sew matching outfits for TWO girls! Eeek!

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