Acts 5:1-11 tells the familiar story of Ananias and Sapphira. I remember hearing and reading this story as a new believer and honestly have always tried to skip over it. It’s a hard story that hits me at the core of my fears…is God truly going to provide? At the root of this story is the fact that Ananias and Sapphira didn’t trust that God was going to meet their needs. They wanted to be part of the rising church, giving all and living together, but they didn’t want to give all. They wanted to have some back for themselves.

They couldn’t take God’s word that they should be provided for, but  thought they would play a wiser part than the rest had done and save for a rainy day. As if there were not an all-sufficiency in God to make up the whole to them. ~ Matthew Henry

I know the Lord has me at home and not working and I love it. I absolutely love it. But despite the many, many, many times the Lord has provided exactly what we needed (even after we’ve squandered poorly what we’d been given) I still doubt Him. I am no different than Ananias and Sapphira; who wanted to give but still hold back some for security. I am not giving my all to Jesus.

Satan would settle for half our hearts…God will have all or none.” ~ Matthew Henry

356. a $35 etsy order immediately after a $35 pharmacy bill (the Lord provides!)
357. a new couch…paid for in full!
358. the anticipation of a week of celebrating…holiday parties at school & celebrating our little chick’s birthday
359. watching my son enjoy making “treats” for his class holiday party and his excitement at sharing them with his teacher
360. the fun of bringing our children’s teachers breakfast treats this morning
361. a day filled with the hum of a sewing machine and the rhythm of a needle and thread
362. a mind that the Lord has filled with ideas that keep brewing
363. sending out Christmas cards and thinking of all the people in our lives
364. dessert with friends on a Sabbath evening in a cozy house
365. the gift of a swingset in our backyard
366. our home…how I am continually amazed and beyond grateful for this home and this neighborhood
367. sitting in a pew yesterday right behind a sweet young baby and just watching mom and child interact
368. haircuts
369. a sweet girl who wants to teach her class a Christmas song
370. nearing the end of holiday shopping

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