five minute friday: color

On Fridays I join with others writing without editing, without fear of others, without expectations on one word for five minutes. Hosted by the gypsy mama…join us!
Today’s word is: color




I always feel like winter hits me like a brick. I go to sleep one day and the leaves are these amazing shades of colors, the grass is green and the sky is this amazing blue. Then I wake up and everything is covered in white frost, the sky tends to stay this gray color and even the sun seems muted.

Then there are winter days like yesterday where the sky is amazing blue, the sun is shining and I can almost remember the green of summer. I feel like my spirit is like this too. I go through these seasons where God’s word and presence seem so bright and alive within me. I am reading scripture and books and it’s all just jumping off the page at me. Or I am jumping into it like Lucy, Edmund and Eustace jump into the ship picture. But then there are seasons where it all just seems kind of gray. I am tired and pressed down by the world and I can’t seem to make anything stick in my head.

What does one do during those seasons? The time with the colors seem to fade and everything seems white or gray? I suppose we put on our jackets, hats, gloves to face the winter and move forward. We remember that winter doesn’t last forever. We remember that white is purity and like a freshly fallen snow it covers up all the imperfections. White isn’t so bad.


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  1. I love the ending here…winter doesn’t last forever and white isn’t so bad. I needed that reminder today. Thank you. The Lord used you to touch my heart. So glad I stopped by.

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