being a YES woman

I am not naturally a “yes” kind of person. To be honest, I am horribly selfish and lazy. I put on a good front, but honestly dealing with the whines that come from answering “no” all the time are easier to contend with for me than what it means to answer “yes.”But, so often the Lord smacks me on the head and shows me the pure joy that comes from a simple yes.  Last night was one of those times.

It was as simple as saying, “yes, we will ride on the hayride.” I mean really, it was 30 degrees outside and we wanted to get on home (well my husband and I did), but for once we answered yes and it was pure joy. This morning I looked at my husband and asked him “why don’t we say yes more often?” The Lord has given me so, so many yeses over this past year, but I have so often just taken them and moved on. I tell me children “no” all the time. I don’t want to be put out of whatever I’m doing or have on my agenda.

Our family is memorizing I Corinthians 13 and I tell you, I’ve never been hit so hard with scripture…especially such a familiar passage. Love is patient, kind, does not envy, is not irritable or rude and on and on. And the Lord is showing me how being a yes woman is the essence of love.

Love is saying YES to letting go of bitterness when I am hurt by my husband and being the one to start moving us toward reconciliation again.
Love is saying YES to my children when they want to put up the Christmas tree at 3:10 in the afternoon.
Love is saying YES to my daughter when she wants to spread out every ornament we own on the upstairs landing so she can decorate the kid’s little tree.
Love is saying YES to my son when he just needs someone to sit with him and process his rough day at school.
Love is saying YES to my mother when she wants to go shopping (and I really just want to stay home)
Love is saying YES to a friend who needs to vent
Love is saying YES to our children when they want to go on a hayride in 30 degree weather
and Love is saying YES with an attitude of grace and mercy. Knowing that my YES is a tiny picture of the giant YES that Jesus answered for us.

So this coming year, and especially over the next month as we begin to celebrate the beginning of God’s yes to us, I am praying that the Lord would shape me into a yes woman.

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  1. Beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing this! this makes me want to paint a painting that says YES on it for our house–it’s a reminder i really need, especially this time of year! Glad I stumbled upon your blog this morning! 🙂

  2. Found you via A Holy Experience. What you wrote today touched me deeply. I am also too often the one who says “no” to things. Thanks for the reminder of all the times our dear Lord said Yes to me – and the reminder that I can do the same! God bless you!

  3. Oh its so easy to tell our children “no” when things are busy and we’re tired. And you are so right, God has given me so many yesses too. Thank you for reminding me to step out of myself at those times and look at my child’s face and say “yes! we can do that!”

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