I come from a pretty rich line of seamstresses. My grandmother sewed just about anything and everything and there was a huge line of others in her family that sewed all sorts of things. I’m beyond grateful that my parents tend to be pack-racks every time I am able to pull out a toy that was mine growing up to play with my children; and yesterday was a day that I was even more grateful.

quilt top #2

These quilt tops were given to my mom from her sister before she died. They were made by my Great Aunt who lived in Canada. My mother and I have been talking about finishing them for years, and yesterday we finally opened them up and looked at them. It was amazing. In a lot of ways I’m grateful that we didn’t pull them out until now. I think I’ve developed so much more as a seamstress myself and also just in my appreciation of what it takes to put something like this together.

quilt top #3

The first two are just simple squares machine stitched together. What I do love about these is the history. There is a good chance that each one of these squares represents the scrap of something that was made with that fabric. I love looking at them and wondering, was that a dress, a skirt, a pillow…?

embroidered quilt

another close up of embroidery

But the third one was amazing! I’ve never been so excited to open up something in my life. We noticed as we were unwrapping it that this one had a border, then we noticed that each of the squares had been embellished with hand embroidery. There are all sorts of different stitches around these squares and the amount of time and effort that was put into it is just awesome.

The plan is to finish one for my mother (a birthday gift for her in February…hope she doesn’t read this), finish one for my brother and sister in law for Christmas and then the embroidered one is a surprise for me. You’ll have to stay tuned in the coming months to see what I do with this treasure.

vintage fabric found w/quilt tops

One last goodie that was packed with these quilts was this stash of awesome, vintage fabric. We are thinking it was bought by my aunt to back the quilts with. I’m hoping to use it on one of the quilts and then make a dress out of the rest. We’ll see! It’s divine fabric and I’ve got the perfect vintage pattern to use with it.

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  1. love the vintage quilts Aimee. Just within the last few years I have unpacked some that my grandmother and her mother had worked on. Don’t want them to be hidden away any longer. One is now on our bed. We also still have one Grandma Ida made us when we got married! You know your cousin Lauryn is also very creative with different fabrics. Creativity seems to run deep in your roots or genes. I used to do a lot of counted cross stitch and design my own designs in counted cross stitching. Alao have made several quilts and want to get back into quilting. I can remember my grandma having one going most of the time.
    Have a wonderful Christmas! Love, Jeanne

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