five minute friday: grateful

On Fridays I join with others as I write with abandon on one word chosen by our host, The Gypsy Mama. We write with freedom, without editing for five minutes. Join me!

Today the word is: GRATEFUL


What a loaded word. I am so grateful. I think I have finally hit a place in my life where I have been truly hit daily with the abundance that I have (even when it doesn’t feel like it) and with amazement where the Lord has put me.

Every morning when we walk to school and every afternoon when we walk home, I am overjoyed with gratefulness at how the Lord has placed my husband and I exactly where we have always longed to be. The Lord does truly give you the desires of your heart. Sometimes it just takes years and lots of wandering roads to get there. We’ve wanted for years to live in a “community”. We live on the edge of a huge park, surrounded by old, historic houses and we are surrounded by our children’s schools. I am at home and sewing. Doing two things I never thought I would. Trying to build a business (and slowing succeeding) doing something that I can’t imagine that I would ever be doing.

My children are healthy and strong. My husband has a great job with an amazing company. The Lord does give you what you long for. It just takes time and patience and like us, it doesn’t happen the way you might want it to. There are loads of things I would love to have, there are loads of things that we can’t do because of the choices we’ve made, but when I stop and look at what we do have and where we are it makes me beg the question “why am I longing for anything else?”


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