a vulnerable kindness

I remember the story of Mephibosheth from Sunday school when I was growing up. First the story of his nurse dropping him and causing his lameness and then later David calling him to his throne room years later after Saul and Jonathan are killed. Twice I’ve heard this story taught in the last few months and both times it has hit me in such different ways. Ultimately I realized that this small story is a big picture of how greatly the Lord loves us.

Like Mephibosheth, we come before God broken and lame. There are those around us – like the servant Ziba – who think the king would have nothing to do with us. Oh, but how wrong we are. As we come and bend our broken knees before our King, He tells us to rise. He calls us by name and tells us “do not fear.” He asks us to sit as his table, not as an honored guest, but as His child. To sit at the table as one of His own and then lavishes us with mighty gifts. He pursues us and then restores us.

What we do need to notice is that while Mephibosheth is restored with blessings beyond imagination, he is still lame. There are still reminders or scars, of his past. And there will always be things in our past that we cannot change. Things that we can so easily become focused on, that move our eyes quickly from the ways that the Lord has changed us. This is the reason I participate in the counting of 1,000 gifts. So that my eyes would become more and more fixed on the ways that the Lord is calling my name and blessing me, and not at my feet that are still lame.

341. etsy orders that are flooding in on top of other things to do, the encouragement to my soul is greater than the stress of trying to get it all done. this is all truly from God
342. the relief in my husbands face after a weekend retreat away
343. walking my children to school on an oddly warm november morning
344. the anticipation of hosting our first thanksgiving
345. the way that the Lord provides and protects, even when I make stupid decisions
346. listening to my little girl play with her toys on an early monday morning
347. good worship, favorite songs played
348. familiar stories that speak so differently to my heart each time I hear them
349. faith that the Lord has it all under control
350. stickers placed on books in funny places by one silly little girl
351. a man-child declaring that he is becoming a man, after sipping the last dregs of my morning coffee
352. children begging for hot tea
353. a movie night
354. the excitement my husband gets over a tradition he started last year of watching The Polar Express every Thanksgiving Eve to celebrate the coming of the holidays
355. time with people who aren’t like me, but who move me to think in new ways and encourage me

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    1. thank you for the visit and the comment! Yes, how often do I throughout my day get the reminder that I am not in control and how that is actually a really good thing. Blessings to you!

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