five minute friday: grow

On Fridays I join with others for “five minute friday”, hosted by the gypsy mama. We write with freedom, without worry and with abandon on one word for five minutes (without editing!).

Join me!
Today the word is GROW.


When I think of the word grow, I think of how impatient I am. I think of my children and I want so much to see the fruits of my labor now. I don’t want to struggle with pruning and watering and getting all the weeds out. I want to just pour on a little water here and there and see growth.

But that’s not how it works. Growing anything takes maintenance. And growing children, growing a marriage, is going to take time, patience and effort. I want the things I am growing to be like those genetically altered plants that can withstand any sort of bug, any sort of heat, any sort of lack of water. The thing is, those things are “natural”. They aren’t part of what God’s created and given.

God has given me an amazing husband and amazing children. But it is part of my responsibility to nurture those people in my life. I have to spend time helping to get rid of the weeds. I have to spend time watering and caring for these. And I may not see the growth right away. But that doesn’t mean it’s not happening. It doesn’t mean there isn’t some sort of tiny growth happening daily.


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  1. ah yes. We have similar wants, this “instant growth”. I’m a planner…I like to know that what I’ve done has direct results. And with kids, sometimes it has the exact OPPOSITE results, and I am learning to grow into the unexpected nature of this learning too. Glad to link up with you through Five minute Friday 🙂

  2. Gardening… takes so much time and effort, and for so long we have no idea what the fruit of our labors will end up being. I guess it’s one way God shows us who’s really in charge, eh?

  3. I really enjoy reading the variety of posts on one subject. It is very humbling too because I find that others seem to be able to say what I was trying to so much better! I have to remember that we are all unique and may say the exact same thing, but in a different manner. Thank you for saying what I had trouble saying.

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