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praying for offenses

November 17, 2011

I have an eight year old and a nearly five year old romping through my house. While, generally they get along, we struggle often with offending each other. One of my greatest frustrations with them is in them recognizing that they have actually offended the other somehow.

I have one who is full of drama and every offense elicits great screams and yelling. I have another one who is more often silent in his bitterness, with a little “hurumph” thrown in for good measure. Most days I feel like a referee and I am thinking about investing in some of those little flags they thrown down at football games. In all seriousness, it’s been a rough Fall for us, but I am learning that my frustrations stem more from my own heart than from theirs.

Each of us must turn for ourselves in heart sorrow for our offenses to Divine Mercy. But…our repenting prayers on behalf of others somehow seems to make it easier, more possible for them to turn on their own.” ~ Richard Foster

As I learn how to better mother my children, I am realizing that I mother better on my knees.
I have been greatly convicted that I must spend more time in prayer for my children, than in lecturing them on how to treat each other.
The words coming out of my mouth toward them should be less and the words to my God should be more.

  1. I too have a 3 year old drama queen with lots of squealing and the mightiest will I have ever experienced! I’ve learned that most of our butting heads stems from my “stuff” and when I’m frustrated. Sometimes it truly is her will being naughty and I have to steer her back into reality. The more I pray and ask for help the more I receive and the better mother I am too.

    1. glad to know mine isn’t the only drama queen! Funny how the Lord so quickly moves us through our knees through the tiniest people in our lives. I just pray I do it constantly…in joy and in sorrow!

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