five minute friday: unexpected

On Fridays I join others in the cyber-world writing freely for five minutes on a word.
Writing without worry and editing. But writing freely the words that overflow from a heart that is free to just be who I am.
Join me?

Today’s word is unexpected.




Funny that on the day that I would see the word “unexpected” that I would read a passage from Acts that pretty much sums up that word. A lame man has just been healed and all the people are standing around in wonder and amazement. The disciples look at these people and pretty much say “what did you expect, this is what the Lord can do.”

It made me think, this is how I live my day to day. More with this amazement that the Lord would do anything that I ask or even beyond that. While there is a place for gratitude in that, why am I always so shocked when He provides? When we are sitting on our last penny and my husband gets paid four days early? When I am down to my last $15 and the bill is $14.99. (obviously I’ve got issues with trusting God and money!). He declares that he will provide anything that we ask for.

I know that I can ask for the moon and in His way, He will provide it. He can provide it. Maybe it’s in the way the moon shines into my bedroom at night or into our tent on a cool, Spring night. Maybe it’s in the way that I see the moon rise outside my den window. He provides abundantly for us…why are we always so shocked?

He gave His son for us. He gave up the ultimate and yet we still look at it in this wild, amazement. Like a striped cow or something. God loves us and I’m so thankful.


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