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Today’s word is: RELEVANT


Relevant. Wow! This is a word that sinks deep into my heart and is almost the theme of my story. If there is anything I struggle with and strive for it is to be relevant.

I want to be found and while I know that I’ve already been found by the One who matters most, it is still a struggle. I want to belong. I want my words here to find meaning to someone. I want the things that I create with my hands to bring attention. I want to be relevant.

Such a hard word that sinks so deeply into my sin. How so often I spend my days seeking relevance from too many places that I shouldn’t. How different would my life be if I woke each day and prayed that the only Person I would seek relevance from would be Him? My Jesus.

Wouldn’t I answer my children with more Joy. Wouldn’t I write more freely? Wouldn’t I love and accept my husband’s love with no fear. Wouldn’t I discipline these gifts the Lord has given me with more tenderness.

In my desire to be more geniune; more free and more tender I know that the only way that is going to happen is if I give in and find my relevance in Him. But it’s such an easy thing to write about and talk, but such a hard thing to do. It’s a habit that must be cultivated. That before my feet hit the ground in the morning and before my head hits the pillow at night I would seek nothing more than to be found by Him. To be made relevant in His eyes. That I would seek to walk every step of my day to be a step in His path. My feet quickly being erased by His. My decisions quickly being no longer mine but His.


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  1. This is so beautiful, and so true! I found myself nodding my head as I read this, feeling silly about writing on my blog of being relevant to others when, in truth, I should seek to be relevant to Him. Thank you for writing this. You’ve given me much to ponder.

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