31 days: a turkey tee

Day 25: a turkey tee for my chick-a-dee

These shirts are all over Pinterest.

some with applique feathers:

Source: None via Joy on Pinterest

Source: None via Tracey on Pinterest



some with ribbons for feathers:



Today’s project was to make one for my little turkey. I opted to go with the fabric scraps, mostly because I thought it would be less frustrating than messing with ribbons.

Want to make one too? Here’s what you need:
a shirt
fabric scraps
heat n’bond
buttons for the eyes
a template (of course I can’t find the one I used, but here is another one)

I like to just cut out the heat n’bond and then iron each piece onto the fabric that I’m using; then cut out the fabric. Take the heat n’bond paper off the back of the body and sew the buttons for the eyes. (do this before you iron it on!!)
Take the heat n’bond papers off the rest of your pieces and lay them out onto the shirt. Once you like how they look, iron them on.
Hop over to your handy dandy sewing machine and stitch away. I prefer to use a pretty narrow zig zag stitch, usually set on 3-4.

One little tip that I like to do is to use the same colored bobbin thread as the shirt, then my top thread is whatever other color I choose to stitch on the applique. In this case white. It just gives your shirt a more finished look I think.



Turn your shirt inside out, pull through and knot your threads and iron again.

Then voila…a cute, girly turkey shirt for your little turkey (or chick-a-dee)



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