31 days: organizing a bookcase

Day 24: organizing a bookcase

We have this beautiful bookcase in our family room that my husband made and lately it was beginning to look like this:

bookcase before

It had become overrun with toys, random other crap and books that we didn’t really have room for so we just shoved them wherever they fit. It was beginning to drive me batty.

The other issue was our makeshift t.v. stand. This was my husband’s father’s cedar chest. It’s not the prettiest thing we own, but it’s just about they only thing he has of his dads. That said, we have used it for a million different things, but it was beginning to drive us both crazy for some sort of storage-type tv stand.

bookcase/TV before

I did a little cruising on Pinterest one day and found some inspiration photos for reorganzing the bookcase:

Source: houzz.com via aimee on Pinterest

Source: isuwannee.com via aimee on Pinterest

We also had this great ephiphany (it was one of those weekends) of taking this buffet thing that we inherited with this house and using it for our t.v. After taking out the radio and dvd/vcr player and storing them into the “new” entertainment center (aka old buffet). I took all the books out and stacked them up by size and type (paperback v. hardback) and went to work. I found a vintagey looking vase and these brass birds that were my grandmothers to add for some knick-knacky detail. I moved the kid’s books down even lower and put all of our photo albums/books down where the kids could get to them also.

Here’s how it looks now with a reorganized bookcase and our new/old entertainment center:

bookcase/TV after

Here’s a better look at the bookcase:
bookcase after

I sat in here this morning drinking my coffee with a huge sigh of relief as I started at this bookcase that was no longer cluttered with crap. Sometimes being creative is just clearing all the debris in your life!

Where is the beloved cedar chest you might ask?
It’s now a little book-nook in the corner of our family room!

reading nook (after)

I’m one step closer to imagining what it will look like when I finally get something like this:

Source: None via aimee on Pinterest

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One thought on “31 days: organizing a bookcase

  1. I love box windows to. I don’t have one but I would love to have at least one in my home. I think you did a very good job of reorganizing everything. I think you were right to put the picture frames out of reach, my son broke one that I thought he would not and could not get to the other day. These little ones find a way don’t they?

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