31 days: a book sling

Day 23: a book sling for my chick

I’ve seen these book slings on the net for a while now and have always loved them. I pinned this one a while back and it’s been on my list to do. Welcome 31 days…I had a reason to finally get it done!

I had a valance from our old house that wasn’t going to work in our new house (basically one big window, down to two small windows.) I stashed it away and when I went about planning to do this sling I knew that it would be the perfect thing to upcycle for the book sling.

book sling in process

I had to take it apart some, and thankfully had plenty of bias binding leftover to fill in the sides. I had to extend it a little bit to make a deeper sling. I had enough scraps leftover from her quilt to extend it a little bit and add the little bird.

book sling close up

To be honest, I made this last weekend, but my handyman didn’t have a chance to hang it up for me until today. I absolutely love it and hope the chick does too!

book sling

book sling

Overall, this is a cinchy project irregardless of your sewing ability. In essence, you take a bit of fabric, fold it in half, fold each end down about 2 inches to make a rod pocket and there you have it!

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