31 days: using what you’ve got

Day 22: from table to bench

Sometimes I remember something I’ve seen online and it just sits in the recesses of my mind until one day I remember it and act on it. This frustrates the husband (aka the man with the saw) greatly because usually these fits of “creativity” happen when he is in the middle of a project (which is pretty much all the time lately due to the state of our current house). The family budget also tends to dampen these plans too and today I just had to make due.

my lovely orange table: before

orange table AFTER

I found this table at an estate sale a while back, finally painted it and it has served as a coffee table for the past few weeks. The husband dislikes it greatly due to the fact that you can’t comfortably put your feet on it.

Source: None via Jenny on Pinterest



I remember seeing this a while back online and knew it was something that I wanted to do in the future, only we didn’t really have a place to put a bench like that so I wasn’t in any big hurry. Until today I had an epiphany…it would fit perfectly at the back door! I carried it in there and it fit like a glove. Of course, the man was deep in the midst of repairing the siding (that’s a post for another day) and didn’t really have time to cut wood for me and the family budget prevented me from spending money on foam.


So, today’s post is really about using what you have and making it work for you. We had this great wool blanket that fit great on top and I found this apple crate and put in under the table for us to drop shoes in.

I’m hoping in the next month or so I can actually transform this into a “real” bench, but until then…I’m gonna use and be content with what I’ve got!



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