five minute friday: beyond

On Fridays I write for five minutes on a word.
Writing bold, unedited, with no over-thinking…just writing.
Join me?

The word today is “beyond”




Beyond is a hard word for me. Mostly because when I think of the word “beyond,” I think about the future. I wish I could know the future. I worry about the future. I am constantly trying to fix the future. I spend so much time in the beyond that I miss the right now.

But beyond can also mean, praying beyond myself. Moving beyond myself. It can be that place where the Lord is set to move me. My problem is I want to know where that is. I want to know the beyond. And most of the time, the Lord (and I picture Him doing this with a sweet, gentle smiling chuckle) says “no. that is for me to know and you to rest in.”

Beyond. It’s a tricky word. It’s a tricky place. It’s only when I can rest in the right now, forgetting about the beyond that I can appreciate it when it comes. I get frustrated when my beyond is unknown. But the truth is, it isn’t. It might be unknown to me, but it’s never been unknown to Him. He knows what stupid decisions I might make, He knows what honest choices I might make and He has it all covered. Why do I worry so much about the beyond? He’s got it all under control.

And honestly, wouldn’t you rather have it under His control than mine? Seriously.


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  1. Beyond is a tricky word. I like how you start with thinking of beyond as the future. I hadn’t thought of that, but I see it. Personally, I like walking the unknown path. I think if we were able to know what was to come that we would either stand still in fear or simply because the point of going forward would be lost. We were meant to experience life, and the best part of that for us mere humans is the surprise.

  2. Ohhh such good thoughts!!! I am SO right there with you. I struggle with “wanting to know”!!! Sitting still… that is hard for me. The waiting and the unkown – I don’t do well there. But, he’s refining me and teaching me.

  3. Love this post! I am so caught up in tumbling in to tomorrows and what is beyond what I know right now. Feels like God is constantly stretching my comfort zones! Definitely there right now, in a season of trial and my “worldly security” blanket of stability is not so cosy and stable. It takes it to a whole new level of trusting the Lord and his sovereign plan and provision. It’s not a bad thing that only He knows what is beyond this moment – that way I can’t fret too much if I don’t spiral in to the “what ifs” Thanks for sharing.

  4. Ohhhh, can I relate to the first paragraph of the what if’s of life! And I need to listen to that still small voice too, that tells me, He indeed does have it ALL under control!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Writing on “beyond” with you!

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