31 days: crockpot applesauce

Day: 18: using up those bad apples

We’ve been going through some jars of applesauce in our house lately. I’ve been trying to buy organic or natural as much as I can, but it’s been wearing the budget out a bit. I saw online, not sure if it was through my reader or Pinterest, where you could just throw a bunch of apples and water into a crockpot and voila: applesauce.

Always one to love something I don’t have to watch over really, I was game.

So in went all the too mushy to eat leftover apples from the fridge with a little water:

crockpot applesauce/before


and a few hours later out came a delicious bowl of granny smith/gala applesauce 🙂
crock pot applesauce YUM!

Too bad it only made half a jar!

There is a visit to the hills of North Carolina on my horizon; there might be a bushel of apples coming back home with me.



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