31 days: hanging flashcards

eeboo cards for hall

My daughter received these super cute eeboo flashcards for a birthday gift a few years ago. They are totally hilarious and I’ve been trying to figure out how to display them ever since she got them.

Enter this blank stairwell:
stairwell view before

This is the stairwell to our basement. I have lots of ideas in mind of how I want to decorate it and dress the walls, but most of them require cash (which is low right now) or loads of time (which somehow keeps moving). Then I remembered these flashcards and thought they would be perfect for hanging in this space.

The initial plan was to take these cards, mount them gently onto foam core and then on the wall. I’ve been cruising Pinterest and saw these.

Hanging on a line with little clothespins seems to be the most popular way

Source: google.com via Michelle on Pinterest




But I also saw this one. Which is a bit more in line with what I was thinking.




I’m just worried that hanging in a stairwell with only a clothespin will make little people eager to remove said clothespin to torment their sibling with 🙂

Come back tomorrow to see what I decided!

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One thought on “31 days: hanging flashcards

  1. We have some alphabet cards (very similar) that I hung with those velcro hangers. They do remove them sometimes, but they do not do any bodily harm to anyone.

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