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Covered in Stitches - A Feeling Stitchy Contest


Here is my entry for the Covered in Stitches embroidery contest. The object was to take a book and stitch a “cover” for it. Where the Wild Things Are wasn’t my first choice. But after struggling for a couple of days with my first attempt, I opted to try something new. I’ve always loved this book and so have my kids.

wild things set

I thought about doing one big cover illustration for it, but after working on some other big embroidery projects, I decided I wanted to do something small. So, I opted for three four inch hoops that tell a couple of different parts of the story.

Max and the boat: This is probably my favorite one. I love how the boat turned out. It’s always such a joy when something that you pictured in your head actually comes together as you saw it in your head! Max is stitched with a split stitch, as are the waves. I attached the felt sails with a blanket stitch and the rest of it is stitched with a plain back stitch.
max in boat

Wild Thing and Max: I’m still kind of amazed at how the Wild Thing turned out. I ended up doing his stripes the same way I did the shirt for my gnome dude. I did his scales in a split stitch, which I’m not 100 percent thrilled with. The Wild Thing’s hair is a rope stitch, that honestly just about killed my fingers, but was so much fun to see come together! Max’s costume is stitched with a split stitch.
max and wild thing

…and it was still hot: I knew starting out that my last hoop was going to be this last line of the book. I opted for just a back stitch, stem stitch and split stitch.

it was still hot....

There it is…wish me luck!

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  1. Hi, do you sell these ? Or sell pattern ? I am expecting and I am preparing a Wild Things Nursery. These would be perfect!

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