open arms

I’ve had a constant picture come into my head lately of arms raised.
Raised in worship.
Raised in praise to Him.
But more than that, raised in surrender.

I’ve been reading a lot about waiting lately and have felt the Lord reminding me to wait for a few months now. For what, I don’t really know. But I know the desires of my heart and when I get anxious about these desires, it is this image of arms raised that immediately comes into my mind.

I am a control freak and God is redeeming that in me. He isn’t telling me not to desire, but rather to relinquish control. To relinquish my demands that He move in my way and in my time.

To wait is not to sublimate or repress desire. God tells us to voice our desires. But expressing what we long for is different from demanding that God or someone else give it to us.
~ A. A. Calhoun
(from Invitations from God)

When I come before Him with my desires and my arms open, I am giving myself to His will and His plan.
I am giving myself over to His when.

But the place, the when, is a hard place. I want to sit here with my hands clenched. With my pen ready to make lists of how to make life work. With hours spent cruising the web trying to make ends meet. But all that does is hunch my body over and erase the time I should be spending at His feet. When I come out of my huddle and lay prostrate at His feet; when I open myself, there is freedom. There is peace. And there is growth.

A flower bulb eventually has to open itself up. It can’t stay huddled in it’s “if” and “demand. It has to open itself up when the time is right and then, there is true beauty. But only when the “when” is right.

How thankful I am for the ways that God meets me where I am and with what I need to stay focused on Him.

Where is God meeting you today?

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