31 days: freezer inventory

Day 8

While this may not be filed completely under “being crafty” it is something that I saw on Pinterest. I saw this picture while pinning one day and knew that I needed to do that.

Source: chiotsrun.com via Lisa on Pinterest



We don’t have a stand up freezer and I knew writing on the top would be silly. So, lucky for me I found a spare white board in the basement!

I figured out what things we eat and freeze most often, took a red sharpie and got busy.

Now, the true test will be if I actually keep track of things!


Tomorrow…a staple recipe in our house.


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  1. Through kitchen organizing for myself and clients, I found that a refrigerator and freezer purge is necessary twice a year. People tend to get tired of eating something after awhile and forget about it. I consistently throw away sauces, some frozen veges and fruit, and whatever else is outdated. Your list is a great idea and an inventory list from time to time will keep you from purchasing items you already have.

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