finding a place to fit in

I had one of those weekends where pretty much every where I went I didn’t fit in. I either didn’t know anyone, my kids were consuming every bit of patience I had and/or I was in the middle of conversations with people about things I didn’t do.
It was a weekend where it was very easy to sink into a pity party.
A weekend that I felt wide open for attack.

I tend to run fast in the other direction when weekends like this happen.
I tend to hole myself up in my house and take pleasure in just being alone.

But the truth is, if I’m walking with Him, I can’t.

There is an invitation extended to me to love and to love well…no matter what.
To love those that are different.
To love even when I feel depleted.
To love even when I don’t “fit in”.

So every time that pity party started and I began to go down that trail of tears, I began to praise.
To count the blessings, instead of the pain.
To count the good, instead of the hurts.

242. the reminder that “we are strangers and aliens in this world”
243. the space in my life to be there
244. talking with a new friend outside of our son’s school
245. coffee with a friend on a monday morning
246. new mornings
247. little girls who wake up pleasant in the morning
248. AAA for a husband who has locked his keys in his car
249. friends that are different than me
250. space, I am just so thankful for the space given to me right now in my life
251. the opportunity for healing in a relationship
252. the strength to head into ventures that are hard
253. the dustbunnies that grow under my bed
254. icing covered biscuits
255. cool mornings
256. finishing up a big project

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  1. What a wonderful list! I giggles to my self when I read #248: AAA for a husband who has locked his keys in his car. I did that 3 times in one day once. That was a bad day. Like your husband, though, I had AAA to come to the rescue :))
    Enjoyed my visit, hopping over from Ann’s Place.
    Have a wonderful evening…

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