five minute friday: JOY

a new writing challenge for me and a new community to join into…five minute friday hosted by thegypsymoma

So my five minutes have started and this is my first time with this challenge. When I read this morning that the word was “joy” I thought…wow, that’s an easy one. But as I sit here and the time is ticking I am kind of stumped.
What is joy to me?
Joy is being able to wake up and move throughout my day in freedom. Even freedom is a new word to me lately. Both are words that I’m always striving for. But I guess that is the kicker. Both are things you can’t really just obtain. They are things that just are.
As He dwells more and more within me. As I give up more and more of myself daily. It is replaced with Joy. I am filled up with His Spirit, which is the essence of Joy.
As I seek to walk through my day seeking a clear mind and seeking to Know Him…really know Him, that is where I find joy.
But again, do we find Joy or do we become it?
I’m hoping against hope that it’s something that becomes me. That radiates from me. Not something that I’ve striven for, but something that I’ve become. I want to BE joy to those around me.


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  1. Oh, I loved your post and your thoughts on joy. They so mirror my own. I, too, have searched high and low for you, and like you, I’m slowly catching glimpses of it as I draw closer and closer to God.

    “I’m hoping against hope that it’s something that becomes me.”

    Me, too! Oh, me, too~

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