a little vintage love

I’ve hit the vintage jackpot the last few weeks.

jenny lynn end table

First I finally found this little Jenny Lynn style end table that I’ve longed for. We found it at a little antique store and when I inquired on the price she told me that none of the vendors had claimed it so she could give me a great deal. I was thinking, yeah right. I’ve looked at these tables elsewhere and they are always about 60+ dollars. She gave it to us for $30. Needless to say, I was ecstatic.

my lovely orange table: before

Last week I ventured into an estate sale that was up the street from our house. When I walked into the sunroom and saw this little orange table for $10, I knew I couldn’t leave without it. Actually, I walked into three rooms and scooped up the first thing my eyes hit. First this little 1950’s dress for my chick. It is in mint condition and most of it was hand sewn. Crazy. I’ll have to make a little under-dress or slip for it, but it’s perfect.

1950s little girl dress

1950s little girl dress: close up

Then I walked into a bedroom and found this little pink lamp and grabbed it up too.

And then there is the orange table. Not sure what color I’m going to paint it, but it’s not going to stay orange for long!

vintage pink lamp

This was my first venture to an estate sale and honestly it was kind of sad to see one poor woman’s life all up for sale. Good that the family is “doing something” I guess, but sad to walk around and see even your worst washcloths up for sale.

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