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The August Stitch Along is coming along quite well. I keep thinking I’m done sewing another bird and then I decided to do just one more. Here is a glimpse of the progress:

August Stitch Along...progress

I’m still thinking this is going to be a skirt with some sort of ruffle or something along the bottom… more like a little A-line skirt for my chick or maybe for etsy. We’ll see.


Talking of etsy. I’ve updated the shop again. From now until October 31, 2011 you can get free shipping on any hand embroidered item in the shop. Just enter the code FREEFALLSHIP.

I am also working on a handful of new items to add. In the coming weeks look forward to seeing some boutique clothes for older girls (think ages five through ten) and also some fun embroidered wall hangings (along the lines of these that are all over Pinterest).

Until then!

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