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When I was at Captivating this past Spring, the speakers shared about little gifts and reminders that God gives us of His love for us. They walked daily through their lives asking God for these little reminders and looking for them.  One person shared how God constantly surprised her with heart shaped rocks. She had this huge collection of little rocks that were shaped like hearts. Another person shared about heart shaped clouds. But, it doesn’t have to be a heart shaped thing. For me, my “heart shaped clouds” are the bringing together of different things I am reading, sermons I hear and definitely music. Before I went on this retreat, I just likened this to an amazing coincidence. Now I see it has a gift and a reminder that God is in every moment of my life.

As I walk into this Fall I want to attempt to be more intentional about my writing here. I want to use this space to be a reminder of the different ways that God is showing Himself in my life. Mondays I will continue to be a part of the Thousand Gifts community and Wednesdays I will continue to be a part of the Walking with Him group. Tuesdays I want to set aside time to share my heart clouds; those ways that the Lord is blessing and reminding me of His continued presence.

Today I want to share a song with you by Jill Phillips called I Am. I can’t say I love this video, but the song is amazing. It was a heart cloud for me. I heard it on the radio, read it on a blog and then started the next chapter in a book I was reading and the lyrics were written out; all within a week. Every time I hear this song, I think about that week and how God truly blessed me and walked through that hard week with me and met me in that space.

I’m a novice at this whole linking and sharing thing, but if you read this space and want to join in the process, please leave a comment here and grab the little button below.

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