where i sew

Now that the basement is almost done and I my sewing spot is up and running, I feel almost more “pressure” to get it more organized. In my head, I know where I would love to go with things (I am screaming for a trip to Ikea and The Container Store), but for now I am making due and enjoying things as they are.

Pink Chalk Fabrics is hosting a spot for people to share their creative spots and I thought I would join in.

where i sew
Here is the chalkboard wall (filled out with all sorts of ideas and plans) and my fabric corner. Stacks of fabric goodness, and yet if left in a fabric store I am sure I could add SO much more!

where i sew
Here is the inspiration and project cable. I’m still not exactly sure how I’m going to use this, but for now it is holding up the patterns in process and the fabrics that go with. Off to the right is a corkboard for current orders and things I need to be working on for others.

where i sew
Here’s a close up of my sweet machine which has lasted me so long. It is a Pfaff Tiptronic. Nothing fancy, but does what I need it to. Off to the right is my H-Viking Serger which I am loving. In my dreams there is a new machine that is a bit quieter, quicker and more up to date…but I am learning contentment in so many areas of my life and this is one! The shelf was made by my sweet husband and is the most beautiful reclaimed wood. On top are boxes of patterns, labels and cards for daisyeyes and in the middle are my favorite vintage jars which came from my Grandmother’s house. Every time I look at these jars I remember them all lined up in her garage waiting to be used. Beautiful, turquoise goodness.

where i sew
Here is a view of the cutting table. I’m saving up for one of those giant cutting mats and waiting for a super coupon from JoAnns to go get one too. This table also serves as the kid’s art table.

There it is. Now if only I could find some good time to spend down there!

Pink Chalk Studio

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  1. Looks really good! I like that you are a girl of greens and blues. You that cool palette on lock.

    On the inspiration line, try not to limit yourself to order. I put anything, and I do mean anything on my inspiration board that provides me to connect with why I love handmade. I think in the world today it is easy to feel that handmade is slowing down efficiency and value ( value = the best, most afforable price). I can often discredit this art that God has given me. So, I put anything up there that brings me back to center.

    Center = appreciating and enjoying the creative process of making from my hands.

    Currently, I have a smooth rock Casey gave me, a neat package design box from something I purchased, a blue jay feather Eli gave me, a few magazine tear outs, and weed eater string. These all have significance, meaning, and promote value and inspiration to me from various recent experiences and each on a different levels too.

    Hope this helps!

    .mac 🙂

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