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July 11, 2011

I have followed Ann Voskamps’s blog, a holy experience, for a long while. I have longed to have her reaction of thanksgiving, no matter what. I have started my own list of 1,000 gifts, only to stop. It wasn’t until today, as I was sitting in my pew that I finally began to fully realize the difference it makes to sit with thanksgiving, rather than bitterness.

It was a hard morning. Filled with running around, restless and rowdy children in the pew with me and so many other things just competing in my head. The biggest one being discontent. But, rather than sitting there counting all reasons why I didn’t want to be in that pew, I began to look around and count all the reasons I was grateful that I was there.

I so easily blame my upbringing, my genetics for my discontent and for my propensity for a negative perspective.
The honest truth is: it is my sin.
It is a sin and a nature that I try to ignore, instead of give over.
It is a sin and a nature that I make excuses for, yet don’t fight to reclaim.

I have been redeemed.
I have been restored.
I have the Power within me to resist and remove this discontent.
And Ms. Voskamp is so true in her words…all it takes is thanksgiving.

129. for the Power within me
130. for the reminder of Paul and others that have gone before me.
131. for the covering He gives me daily over my spirit, my husband, my children, my home
132. that I am ransomed
133. for conversations over dinner with a new friend
134. for late night conversations that draw me nearer to the man in my life
135. for HOPE
136. for freedom
137. for the reminder that even the most impossible is possible
138. the blessings that come from listening to that still, quiet, constant whisper…irregardless to where it leads me
139. for the reminder to be thankful
140. that I have the power within me to fight for my family

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