When you read the words “seek and you will find me” what image does this conjure up in your mind?

My first thought was of playing hide and go seek as a child. Growing up, we had gobs of neighborhood kids on my street who would play hide and go seek as the sun went down. One person was the seeker and the others had to hide and make their way back to base safely. The seeker went about their job with excitement and expectation. But so did those that hid.
There was the expectation that they would be found and what joy and exhilaration would come upon finding.
There was the excitement of what would occur when they were found and the chase back to base.

My second thought was that of a child lost in a store. To this day I still remember being lost at Target. I knew that my mom was looking for me; that I was being sought after. And I remember a security guard seeking after my mom with me. Taking me to a place where they could announce that a child was lost and then I was found.

Our journey with Christ is like a mix of the two. But more like the second. Seeking after the Lord is a hard thing for us. In my life now, I find myself so easily distracted. I start my day seeking and then somewhere along the way I stop looking or I begin to seek after things that in the end won’t lead me to Him. I seek after security, effort, freedom. Good things, but not found in more money, a great house, more friends, a better car.

Even more, when we are truly connected in Christ…we aren’t even doing the seeking. He is planting Himself right in front of us. Like a parent playing hide and go seek with their children. They are “hiding” but yet still in plain sight. Making it simple to be found.  And in the end, it is He who is doing the seeking.

So long as we imagine it is we who have to look for God, we must often lose heart.
But it’s the other way about – He is looking for us.
Simone Tugwell

I must seek the Lord because I know He will find me.
Not because I can find Him.
But, I cannot make Him appear or show me where He is.
I can only continue to seek.
But even like a child lost in a store, I know that He is there. He is going to come.

We may not see the end from the beginning, but we keep on doing what we know to do.
We pray, we listen, we worship, we carry out the duty of the present moment.
Richard Foster

You are my seeker Lord.
May I continue in my present because I know You are there.

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