an olive tree

I am like a green olive tree in the house of God.
I trust in the steadfast love of God forever and ever.
Psalm 52:8

This verse struck me this week and it made me wonder, why an “olive tree”?
Olive trees are evergreens.
How I long to have the constancy of an evergreen.
Olive trees have trunks that are gnarled and twisted. And they are beautiful.
Would that the things that cause my life to get in tangles, cause me to stand back and see the beauty.
The flowers of an olive tree are born on last years wood.
It is out of the growth and strength of the past that beauty is formed in the present.
Olive trees are drought, disease and fire-resistant.
Although I may go through seasons of dryness, hardship and great trials…my faith holds me constant and provides protection.
The root system of an olive tree is robust and capable of regenerating the tree even if the above ground structure is destroyed.
Even if my life is cleared out, like that of Job, the Lord is beyond capable of giving me back ten-fold what I have now. It is only through the roots that He plants into my life that I am able to persevere in good and bad.
The older the tree trunk, the broader and more gnarled it’s trunk.
May my life be like that of an olive tree. Broader and more full of love and more gnarled and twisted because of Him.

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