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I had the pleasure of shopping at an amazing fabric shop yesterday in Nashville, TN. It is called Textile Fabrics and the first time I walked into this store a couple of years ago, I just about died. All these fabrics that I drool over online were all in front of my face! I have been planning my next trip back for ages. They have two big sales a year and this year I wasn’t going to miss it. We trotted off to Nashville to visit with friends and family and I finally got my wish to do a little fabric shopping. Here’s the loot:

Textile Stash June 2011

Here is nearly $200 worth of fabric for $79. Can’t beat that!

Textile Stash 6/11 Close Up

From left to right:
Anna Maria Horner Voile (which feels magical) will hopefully become a shirt for me
Riley Blake (brown cars) will be a button down shirt for the rooster
Birch (organic cotton!) will become a lunch bag for the husband and who knows what else. This was truly my happy yard because this is like $25 a yard! Nuts

Textile Stash 6/11 Close Up

These are all going to become dresses for the chick. The first three are Robert Kaufman and that dogs/flowers is a knit. I am going to attempt to sew a knit play dress for the chick. We shall see.

The biggest news is that the basement is almost done, dried out from the flood we had a few months back and my sewing stuff is almost all unpacked and organized. Here’s to a little happy summer sewing getting started!

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  1. Yay for your basement rennovation and new sewing studio….I’m at 5 weeks with NO computer….don’t get me started on what happened to it….hope to be back in cyberland soon!

    Still waiting on a house to sell!!!!

    .mac 🙂

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