do you trust me?

John 21. A passage that has been hammered into my life in the last month.
An appearance of the Lord to those that honestly weren’t expecting it.

They had cast their nets their way all night…to no avail.
He appeared and they cast their nets His way…and were blessed beyond belief.

How often is this me? Casting my net my way and yet expecting a huge return?
Then finally listening and truly hearing His bidding, I cast my net His way
do I expect anything?
do I believe Him?
do I trust Him?

Like Peter, the Lord comes to me and gives me a chance to meet Him where I am.
He doesn’t ask me if I love him as He does to Peter.
He meets me at my core
He asks me if I trust Him.

“Do you trust me?”
…then stop trying to sort things out or offer those things that you think you should to me. Offer everything.
“Do you trust me?”
…then ‘lay before me what is in you, not what ought to be in you.’ (c.s. lewis)
“Do you trust me?”
…then move ‘from thinking of Me as part of YOUR life to the realization that you are part of MY life.’ (r.foster)

” When we pray, genuinely pray, the real condition of our heart is revealed. This is as it should be. This is where God truly begins to work with us.” (r. foster)

I can come to God, trying to be this person I think I should be.
I can present to others this person I think I should be.
But that isn’t real.
That isn’t captivating.
That isn’t life changing.
I must come as I am.
All my sins. All my failures. All my sadness and grief over the wrongs I’ve committed.
And in that
He will meet me there.
And what He can and will do in and through me is amazing.

Dear Lord,
give me the freedom from fear
give me the freedom to be who You are making me to be
release me from these strongholds
release me from these desires to control and clench onto things
help me to cast my net to Your side with amazing abandon and excitement for what You can and will do.
Halleluiah for Your grace and mercy and abounding love.

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