button embroidery wall hanging

Button Embroidery

I have to be honest, this embroidery just about killed me. Not sure if it was all the circles (which I just couldn’t get perfect) or if it was the timeline (this is a birthday gift about a month too late) or if I was just needing a break from embroidery…I don’t know. It was only because I just had to finish it and because of who I knew it was for that kept me going.

Button Embroidery: close up of birdie buttons

The pattern is from doe-c-doe and hers looks amazing! There is another version that you can download from design sponge that is more rectangular, rather than circular, that is really neat too.

button embroidery close-up

The button hunt is pretty much what sent me over the edge. I just couldn’t find what I wanted. I scoured etsy for days and days trying to find the perfect buttons and finally came across a seller called beadfreaky which makes all her buttons. I’m a sucker for birds, so I finally settled on these. They are a tad big to big, which is why I opted to just fill in the big circles and leave the others blank. I’m also kind of bummed about the blue. I thought it was going to be a little more gray-blue, but oh well. In all, I’m pretty pleased with how it looks. Hope she is too!

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