Planning Summer Fun

Summer started today in our house and it was hot and by 2:15 we were all whiny and done for the day. I had great intentions of planning the heck out of this summer and making all sorts of schedules; we were going to finish up some homeschooling stuff from last fall that we had enjoyed and stopped. But I read a couple of posts last night that really prompted me to let go and rethink my strategy for the summer. While I can’t be all willy-nilly with structure, I also feel the need to be a bit more adventuresome with my children. So, I axed the big structure and decided to try my hand at something totally new.

Summer Fun Jars

In comes the Jars of Fun. There are all sorts of ideas such as these roaming around the internet this week and this is my take on the whole thing. Part of this is to add some variety to our lives and part of it is to shake me up a little (ok a lot) and force me to engage with my children in all sorts of ways.

After looking at a bunch of different ideas found here, here and here, I went through their lists and circled all the things that would stretch me, sounded fun and nixed those that might push me over the edge. I divided the activities into three jars: Rainy Days, Sunny Days (which might also end up being darn it’s hot outside days) and I’m Bored Times. I wasn’t going to add going to specific places, but in the end I did end up adding those to certain days (museums that are indoors for rainy days, zoo for sunny days etc). I tried to keep the “I’m Bored” activities to those that they could pretty much do independently.

We will have some structure this summer though. Rest/Quiet time will still be from 1:30-2:30. Tuesday mornings will still be library mornings and I’m thinking of trying a new book reading thing on Thursdays at our local University Gardens. We will definitely be hitting up the no-longer-free (cost you a $1 now) movies that Regal offers on Tuesdays or Wednesdays and will also be working through getting into the rhythm of chores (and us actually paying out the allowance).

Here is a link to the pdf of all our activities in the jars: Summer Fun Jars

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  1. Hee hee! I love the one that could be fun or could be cleaning- saving that one for a few years down the road!

  2. How funny – I saw the ones from the crafting chicks site and have already started our jars! We’re adding “People to See” and “Good things to do” – I’d like to get Ez to help other people, go to the soup kitchen one day to serve, help pull weeds at my grandma’s etc.

    Happy Summer! We will get together and I’ll start planning a few dates that would work for us.

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