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May 16, 2011

I’ve got more thoughts running through my head than I can think through to type. So many rambling things that seem so important to get out onto the screen or paper…yet time is short and is running out as I type now.

Ultimately, I’ve been wrestling with the Lord’s will over mine. His plans over mine. His security over mine.

In the midst of this wrestling, what I’ve found clear is that my time with the Lord must become greater and more organized. Instead of stacks of books and papers, journals and pens and a haphazard way of greeting Him each day  I’ve created this:

A basket full of all those things I am reading and pondering and spaces to write and reflect. A basket that can go with me to whichever room I feel led. A basket hopefully overflowing with loaves and fishes as He promises to meet me where I seek Him.

In the midst of it is a very new book for me. A prayer journal. The idea sparked here. Days marked and organized. Spaces to write the words He brings to me. A place for me to come and focus my heart onto the one thing I am not doing…praying.

My hope is to become more intentional. More intentional as I meet Him each morning in the hopes that through that intention He will help carry that intention throughout my day.

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