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Yesterday I listened to a sermon by Tim Keller, pastor of Redeemer Church in Manhattan about making decisions. (it’s a freebie via their podcast on itunes if you are interested) I think I chuckled through almost the whole thing. While I can’t relate it all here and truly need to go back and listen to it a second time, in essence he tells the listener to just make a decision.

We tend to hem and haw and wait for some great sign (or plead for one) and God just doesn’t work that way. We read the Old Testament and see how he revealed himself to Moses and David (burning bush anyone?) and long for God to do the same for us. But the truth is, there is nothing like that in the New Testament. When the Spirit came, to be IN us, it came to not provide burning bushes or direct answers from God. It came to push us to a place where as we move deeper into our relationship with Him we are moved to a place where we can make wiser decisions.

The wisest thing Keller said in the whole thing was “just make a decision.” Don’t judge something on the basis of how it feels (Jesus would have never gone to the cross if He would have gone off His feelings and Paul would have never just been ok in prison.), just do it. Know that as you walk longer and stronger with the Lord, He brings you to a place where He will move you into better choices. And if the choice you make isn’t the best, or doesn’t work out like you had thought, He always works everything for His and our Good and it always works out the way He has thought.

In January I had 5 days to make a choice about going on a retreat half way across the country using lots of money that we really didn’t have, to be with 300+ women I don’t know. It was not a lot of time to hem and haw. I truly just made the choice to go. What has been hard has been the 3 months that have followed. The decision was made, the money was paid, the airfare was purchased, but the “oh heck, what have I done!?” was just beginning. It’s been such a great lesson in wisdom, patience, trust.

I am leaving on this big trip in 4 days. I don’t know what God is going to do this weekend. I don’t know why He wants me there. I just know He does. And everyday that I begin to doubt and question I am thankful that He works all things for my good. No decision I make (whether I prayed about it or not) He will use to move me and grow me.

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  1. your spirit has definitely been more attuned for this lesson… I’m excited to see how God will use the retreat lessons in your life!!

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