learning the abcs

I’ve been way to lax on working with the chick on her letters. She knows them all and can write most all of them, but she needs to work on learning the sounds. I’ve seen tons of activities like this all over the web, but most recently saw it in Small Magazine and it finally got me motivated. I knew the little chick would get into it because she loves to have her picture taken.

Here’s the process we took:

1) I had her write down 5 letters. I was going to go through some dictated order, but decided that giving her more “control” might be spur her along a little more…it did.

2) After writing the letters, she picked one and we talked about it’s sound and words that start with that letter. Then she had to go find an object that made that sound.

3) We took pictures of her holding or doing that letter.

4) I made little cards for our first group of letters and put them in a special book for her.

After we get through all 26, I’m thinking that we’ll go back through and add the short or long vowel sounds that we were missing and maybe we’ll add sight words or something like that too.

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