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Ottobre Spring 2008: Rose Dress

This year I opted to use what I already had fabric-wise and a pattern that I hadn’t made before for the Chick’s Easter dress. I wanted to try my hand at Ottobre again and loved this dress since I first got the magazine.

Ottobre Spring 2008: Rose Dress (back)

The dress is called “Rose” and is from the Spring 2008 issue. The dress was pretty simple to make, even with all the gathers.

Ottobre Spring 2008: Rose Dress

The back called for a zipper, which I didn’t realize until I’d already been to the fabric store more than I wanted to go, therefore I improvised and did buttons. I think if I did this dress again, I would do buttons but probably wouldn’t gather the fabric in the back. It doesn’t lay really well because of all the gathering. Not sure if that would have been different with a zipper or not.

Ottobre Spring 2008: Rose Dress

I also added a little “bow’ on the back due to a little non-matching snafu I made. Thankfully, with a little ribbon, you can cover up just about anything!

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