lazy days

lazy days skirt: ice cream style

My daughter is pretty much living in dresses and skirts these days. When we pulled out all the Spring and Summer stuff, I realized we were seriously lacking in this department. We had shorts galore, but nary a skirt or dress. Knowing that I was facing many battles in the days ahead, I got busy.

lazy days skirts

This has got to be the simplest tutorial ever. If you are lucky enough to have a serger, it makes it even easier. Honestly, I also think I made the lazy skirt even more lazy because I didn’t even follow the directions completely. I ended up just serging the bottom and them sewing the ribbon and ric rac right on top. The pattern tells you to sew it and flip it to hide the raw edge. That would have meant more ironing and I was trying to be lazy.

I’m thinking that I’m probably going to be making many, many more of these. Until the day she wakes up and decides she wants to wear shorts…which knowing her will happen as soon as I finish the next round of skirts.

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