adventure or hurdle

I ran track in high school and the first year I ran I did sprints. I chose to do sprints because I thought it would be easier than running distance. Was I ever wrong. I hated it and I was horrible at it. My body was just not built to be a sprinter. At one point the hurdle coach (whom I have to say was this big, bearded yelling sort of man) picked me and a few others out and wanted to train us to run hurdles.  I made it through one practice with him, didn’t jump over a single hurdle (didn’t even try) and swore I would never, even be close to sprinting or hurdles again.

Why couldn’t I do it? Because I viewed the hurdle as a hurdle:
a hard thing to jump over
something to just get through

I think that hurdlers don’t view them as something to just jump over, but in order to be good at running that kind of race there has to be some sense of adventure.
Some sense of adrenaline that what is before them isn’t just something they have to get over,
but something they can achieve and experience joy doing.

When you are the mother of small children, I think that it is so easy to just put your head down, cross off your list of things to do that day and just get through it. It becomes almost second nature to view life as just a bunch of hurdles to jump over:
clean the bathrooms
feed the big and little people
take child A here
do this with child B
and the list goes on and on

One thing I am recognizing about those who are truly living out their faith strongly and openly, is that they don’t view life as a bunch of hurdles. For certain there are many things in their lives that are hard and trying, but it’s the choice to wake up and say: “today is an adventure that God has given me” and viewing life in light of that.

How different would my life be if I viewed it as the Great Adventure that it is?

So in the name of Adventure, I count my blessings:
108. an early morning text from a husband that is on his way home
109. easy, comfortable time with friends
110. the drive out of my driveway this morning as the sun hits all the amazing dogwoods that surround my house
111. completing a project in the dark of the night and loving it
112. an early morning hymn sing with my children
113. cuddles with a sweet little girl
114. good mornings from friends
115. time alone
116. new mercies every morning
117. a comfort in knowing that God knows my steps and paths

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  1. Adventures instead of hurdles. What a great perspective! Yes, so often life becomes a to do list. It has been a joy to find joy in the minute of life.

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