why sew in english?

I’ve long enjoyed a challenge. I was one of those nutty people who chose the most ridiculous electives in college (medieval philosophy anyone?) just because. I think now I’m transferring that craziness into craft books. Why buy one that you can actually read in english? If you have read this blog at all you know I love all things Japanese. I’ve got two Japanese craft books on my shelf right now and would have a bunch more if I could grow my budget!

But today, oh la la, I’ve been introduced to a pattern company out of France called Citronelle (and this maybe is not quite so challenging as I did take French in middle/high school and the letters are actually recognizable and not just lines and scribbles). These patterns are awesome!!

I mean, who wouldn’t want to dress their little girl like a little French girl? (maybe I’ve been watching too much House Hunter’s International!)

Oh and they have patterns for women too!

2 thoughts on “why sew in english?

  1. im am totally willing to figure it out with you if you do decide to make a purchase….
    oh la la
    thats about all I know….

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